Flutter Development

Flutter is an open source framework to create high quality, high performance mobile applications across mobile operating systems - Android and iOS. It provides a simple, powerful, efficient and easy to understand SDK to write mobile application in Google’s own language, Dart. This tutorial walks through the basics of Flutter framework, installation of Flutter SDK, setting up Android Studio to develop Flutter based application, architecture of Flutter framework and developing all type of mobile applications using Flutter framework.

Flutter Development

Features of Flutter

Flutter framework offers the following features to developers −
  • Modern and reactive framework.
  • Uses Dart programming language and it is very easy to learn.
  • Fast development.
  • Beautiful and fluid user interfaces.
  • Huge widget catalog.
  • Runs same UI for multiple platforms.
  • High performance application.

What you’ll learn

Advantages of Flutter

Flutter comes with beautiful and customizable widgets for high performance and outstanding mobile application. It fulfills all the custom needs and requirements. Besides these, Flutter offers many more advantages as mentioned below −

Flutter Course Curriculum

Getting Started with Flutter
Creating your First Flutter Application
Exploring Commonly used Flutter Widgets
Implementing ListView and attached Widgets
Stateful Widgets in Flutter
Building Simple Interest Calculator App
Building a NoteKeeper Application
SQLite Database in Flutter using SQFLITE Plugin


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