Vue Js Development

Vue is an open-source, front-end library developed by Evan You, an ex-Google employee. Vue is used for creating web applications, and like React, it’s not a complete MVC framework
The packages developed for Vue are lesser than that of React due to its lower popularity, which makes it a challenge to select packages that provide functionality relevant to a particular scenario.

Vue js development

Vue Js?

Vue was initially released in February 2014 by ex-Google employee Evan You and has become popular even though it’s not backed by a big company the development team has only about a dozen developers. Vue is being used by a few companies like Xiaomi, Adobe, Grammarly, Alibaba, and also in many small projects.
Vue uses Virtual DOM (VDOM) as an adopted concept of React. Like React, Vue updates only those objects that get changed in the “real” DOM, so the rendering speed is faster than Angular and similar to React

What you’ll learn

Vue Js Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Basics & Core Concepts – DOM Interaction with Vue
Rendering Conditional Content & Lists
Course Project: The Monster Slayer Game
Vue: Behind the Scenes
Introducing Components
Moving to a Better Development Setup & Workflow with the Vue CLI
Component Communication
Diving Deeper Into Components
Sending Http Requests
Routing: Building “Multi-Page” Single Page Applications
Vue & Authentication
Optimizing & Deploying Vue Apps


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